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Occasional Contributor

nbn works in surrounding areas.

I was wondering if nbn works in a neighbouring suburb would affect my internet speeds. We have never had the greatest of services in regards to speed, but it has been enough. since work has begun on the nbn in the next suburb however it has been terrible.


Our devices haven't been able to connect to our WiFi because there isn't enough bandwidth (I have no idea what I'm talking about here but this is what someone told me). This then results in all the data on our phones getting consumed because our kids watch you tube and netflix while we think the phones are connected to wifi, resulting in more data charges. During peak times it is even worse. 


We mainly use our internet for gaming on Xbox one and browsing the net. The gaming though has been a nightmare with constant drop outs in games and awful lag. Once again this wasn't as big of a problem as it is now since the start of the nbn work.


We are within 2 kilometres of the exchange and can achieve download speeds of between 3 - 4 mbps. Should we be getting better speeds or should we be calling a technician? If anyone has had a similar problem I would love to know if you got it sorted. We live in wattle glen victoria and the nbn works are in diamond Creek. 

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Re: nbn works in surrounding areas.

Hi. I don't live in your area. Yes NBN work could affect your speeds, hard to know though. You should be getting a faster speed than that on average. I would expect about 7Mbs down. Just as a test though - disconnect all wifi devices (turn them off if you can't disconnect), then connect a laptop or PC using a cable to modem/router. Test speed and see if faster. If it is faster (considerably), then it is one of your devices device slowing things down. If the same speed, call Optus and complain. 3-4 is really slow tbh. Good luck.