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nbn and home phone

I was connected to bnb yesterday. It works really well. But my phone doesn't work. I plugged it into modem and nothing happened. I tried another phone, nothing again. 

When I call Optus it asks me for my phone number which I don't know or account number. Technician told me to call my mobile and it would show me the number. I didn't received any bill yet so I don't know my account number either.

So what I can do?

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Re: nbn and home phone

Hey Hanka, sounds pretty annoying! 

When your NBN is connected it can take up to 24 hours for the phone side of things to be activated completely. This is because your connection is Internet based (VoIP), not phone based so the phone side of your service won't activate until the Internet is successfully up and running.

If you still need a hand with this, please PM me with your address/username so I can double check it 🙂 

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