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I made yet another call to Optus last week regarding issues with my account, after 3 months of  sudden price hikes. The girl at the centre was very kind and we had a verrrrry long time on the phone with her trying to sort the problems.

I did appreciate her courtesy and the way in which she tried to solve it. Like the 2 others before her this had her puzzled.  As for my Broadband Iam very disappointed, especially after so many years of loyalty.

Problems began months ago when my usage suddenly quadrupled.. That was sorted... Then, in another bill, it doubled again. When I look at my billing history it is just absurd to see the Price and usage changes.

I use social media (one site only)... Look up some articles on the web and play an ocassional music vid (rarely).  I dont download music, watch movies, or use other sites. So it was upsetting to learn my usage on day 2 of the billing cycle was already at 4 Gig.     4Gig of slow internet and 28 days to go!

I have heard all the possible excuses and the data talk but in truth nothing explains it.   This seems to be happening to a lot of people at the moment.  

Have been reading product reviews. A lot are starting to ask questions.  Iam asking questions!

Okay so as of now.. Iam receiving a message every night to say another $10 (gig) is being added to my bill.  This isnt my phone for God sake. I used to be able to have the internet on for hours with far fewer gigs.

Phone internet and mobile all with Optus and to be quite honest Iam so disturbed by all of this I feel like closing the lot!

At the moment,  I could not recommend Optus to anyone.  Such a shame as I have always been happy with the service and spoken highly of them.   Would appreciate any responses.

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Heya @Mint, really sorry to hear about your experience with us Smiley Sad It does sound like there must be something using your data there to be getting excess data SMS's each day. More than happy to have a look into this further for you if you can PM me the mobile number, full name and DOB for privacy reasons.

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