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 On our iphone we get 200Mbs outside and 150Mbs inside as we are line of sight to the Optus tower. Are we likely to recieve similar  indoor speeds using the new wireless broadband modem?


Also a neighbour down the steeet is interested, but since trees get in the way their speed drops to 8Mbs, is the aerial setup in the modem likely to improve their speed?



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Re: mobile broadband speed


Trees do not cause a 200mbit to 8mbit speed drop. Most likely either they are connecting to another site, or their device does not Carrier Aggregation which means its using less connectivity to the mobile tower.


As to how much you'll get, don't expect 200mbit because your phone can do it. Most newer devices like the B525 for Home Wireless Broadband ( is a "CAT6" device.


Another example is the AC800S which is a "CAT12" like some of the newer phones, so it can combine channels together to get faster speeds to the device.

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Re: mobile broadband speed


Thanks. Received the B525 and getting, on average a 50Mbs.


Do Optus throttle mobile broadband? Is this why the  iphone is faster?



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