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New Contributor Jock4
New Contributor

lost phone message - landline

I was left a message on my landline just over two weeks ago on I think the 10/07/18. We didn't delete the message, and I'm pretty sure had saved it as we listened to it more than once in the days after receiving it. It was a message from an elderly relative who has since died, I have been out in the country helping out with the funeral etc, but am now back but have gone to check the message as I was going to make a recording of it, as it was such a nice message, but it is no longer there. Is there any way to retrieve this message?

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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: lost phone message - landline

Hi @Jock4, first of all, I'm very sorry for your loss Smiley Sad

Generally speaking, if a voicemail is no longer in the mail box there'd be no way to retrieve it. Any messages stored can be listened to by dialling *96 and following the prompts.


Please let us know if you do need assistance with anything further.

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