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G'day guys. Long term customer. I rarelly sign up for stuff or give out my email address yet the last 6-8 months, it would seem the spam has gone through the roof. I've seen the question asked here at least once with no resolution. I've reported the same domain name(s) hundreds of times via webmail but the same domain name(s) keep flooding in. Has Optus backed off their spam filter or something? What does the "report spam" button in webmail actually do other than move the offending email to the spam folder? Does it actually report it?

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As you say there are many posts regarding Optus email and spam.

The best solution I believe is to migrate to Gmail or similar, and this seem to work for most people.

A little work for a lot of gain.

The other advantage if at some time you leave Optus you don't lose your email 




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Re: increased spam and reporting it


Thanks for helping.

Re: increased spam and reporting it


yep, it's easy enough to swap to a gmail account or something. However, the OP was asking if Optus plan on doing anything about the spam influx and what the "report spam" button does in webmail. Not much for both I'm tipping.

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