huawei E5251 modem




what is the procedure to unlock a huawei E5251 modem

Re: huawei E5251 modem


Re: huawei E5251 modem


Hey 3burns2 - I don't think those modems should be locked to our Network, there may be some settings you'd need to change if using another providers SIM but I don't believe they are locked to our Network.

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Re: huawei E5251 modem


Do you already get the Huawei E5251 Modem unlocked?

Re: huawei E5251 modem


Is the HUAWEI E5251 locked to the Optus network?

Re: huawei E5251 modem


Hey @Mon2, yes it is. You can find info on unlocking devices HERE

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Re: huawei E5251 modem


Thx for the quick reply and link @AlexRH. It will cost $25 to unlock my Huawei E5251 WiFi modem. As I only purchased it for $19 (on sale) and it’s only 3G capable this seems a bit steep for me - I was crossing my fingers that it would be free ;P but alas, no.

Re: huawei E5251 modem


Ahh yes, If you haven't recharged over a total of $80 over the life of the service then you will be charged $25 to unlock the device. Let us know if you need a hand with anything else. Casey 

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