how to do firmware update on sagem 3864 router


internet upload speed is too low , someone advise me to update firmware in your router. does anyone knows how to do that on sagem router.


Re: how to do firmware update on sagem 3864 router


I need to do this too. Firmware is 8.353.1_F@ST5350_Optus, which apparently was from last May, so I reckon we need a firmware update. I know Optus can do it from their end. We just need to wait for a rep to get back to us and they will sort it.

Re: how to do firmware update on sagem 3864 router


Hey david12 and Jon_Bon_Jovial - with the Optus supplied routers, we actually provide them with the firmware automatically at our end. You can do a hard reset on the modem to ensure it's running the correct version, there's a small reset button at the back of the modem that will allow you to do this. 

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Re: how to do firmware update on sagem 3864 router


Hi Gen_R,


So you mean Optus ISP automatically pushes the firmware file directly to my home-based modem/router?  Is there a need to activate anything on our end, or does the process automatically install onto the router?


And what is the latest version we should be expecting?  Please provide the exact latest software version name so we know it is the correct latest version.


When will Optus be pushing this new firmware out?


The WPA2 worldwide problem has been exposed for about 1.5 weeks now.. this is quite a while already wrt bad security flaws?




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