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New Contributor janewindsor
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hacked email account


Am having major issues with webmail that the online chat cannot deal with.

Two weeks ago recived the clear sign of spoofing with many 'undelivered email' messages. In the sent mail were hundreds to random email addresses.

The password was changed.

Now when I send an email the recipient receives the sender being

"svita"  and the message says reply to this email to

which clearly is not my email address.


How do I get this out of my webmail system?


many thanks



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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: hacked email account

I've never used Optus email (don't recommend using any RSP supplied email address as it just traps you to that provider)

But what options for signature and REPLY TO do Optus provide on their webmail. It seems unlikely a hacker could change these details unless they are just in the settings.

Perhaps take the opportunity to migrate to say Gmail? It's relatively painless these days and they do 2FA for better security and you can keep the address of you ever leave Optus

Peter Gillespie

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Occasional Contributor JTB1985
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Re: hacked email account



Good advise with the email account, I have now learnt that mistake after moving all my mail to webmail.



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