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New Contributor dwithers
New Contributor

email storage getting full

Just received email from optus saying : "Your mailbox has exceeded 90% of its quota. When it reaches 100%, new messages will be rejected and bounce back to the sender. To avoid missing mail, please keep your mailbox at a reasonable size."

This really annoys me because they offer no guidance for deleting of bulk old emails from my mailbox. This has always been unclear and difficult - as the mailbox offer no such option?.

What is the simplest way to delete large numbers of 'obsolete" emails quickly?



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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: email storage getting full

Login to webmail and delete as many messages as you wish. Make sure you delete them from the recycle  bin or trash as well. Keep in mind if you are running IMAP it may delete these emails from your computer as well. Best to backup your mail on your PC before you start if they are important. 

Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: email storage getting full

RSP email is supplied mainly to keep you anchored to the RSP (i.e. if you ever leave Optus then you lose your email address). It has less security, features and spam handling than other free email options.

I'd suggest you look to migrate to a free service. GMail will import all your old emails and then you can move between RSPs without issue.