Re: disgracefully slow download speeds


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Re: disgracefully slow download speeds

Feralchook, i know what you mean last night and the night before my service has been at its worst speeds ever since i joined optus. a whopping 2mbps download speeds. im sick and tired of being told it depends on a number of factors, and my connection is fine.. as someone who has used cable internet for well over 10 years i understand how it all works and i only complain when its a genuine issue. tech support keep asking me to wait, in the mean time every arvo im having to burn 3G data on my TELSTRA mobile phone which can at least offer 12mbps 6x faster then my optus cable was the last 2 days.... WHAT A JOKE OPTUS. get blacktown CTMS sorted NOW! .... lets jsut put it this way. the longer you let us suffer the more customers you'll lose when the NBN comes. and if im correct Optus only gets the money from teh NBNco to be transfered from optus HFC to Optus NBN, if i connect the NBN under a diffrent ISP you dont get the bonus for transfering me. im sick of asking for it to be fixed, im getting sick of being polite to the phone reps, and quitefrankly im sick of paying for a B.S service that dont work.
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Re: disgracefully slow download speeds


    Hi, I have had very similar issues to those stated in earlier posts and would like to add what I have noticed.

Firstly my connection is a cable unlimited premium speed package with quoted speeds of up to 100 Mb/s download.

I have had the service for 12 months with 90-100 Mb/s download reguardless of day or night time use.

I am using the optus supplied modem/router with 4 port router and wireless built in (Cisco DPQ3925-X DOCSIS 3.0 2-PORT Voice Gateway).



    I was very happy with the service untill recently when I was disconnected for approx. 6-7 days due to "maintenance in the area". After the connection was reinstated the maximum speed I have been able to achive is 50 Mb/s down.


Today's speed test



    Aswell as the modem was having an average of 10-20 self restarts per day for the first month after maintenance was completed. There was also a few rare occasions where my modem would lock up completly and appeared to be connected but was outputting a high pitch whistle and required a full reboot to get it working again. Over the last month or two since the maintenance period the modem has not locked up since, So I assume the problem has fixed itself or a revised firmware has been implemented to fix what was casuing it or whatever, so i have not lookied into it further. All my hardware has been checked and double checked and i can not find any problems that would be causing this (I tried replaceing ethernet cables, tetsted speed on the wireless connection, tested on one of the other computers in the house, I even fully rebuilt and serviced my hardware and formatted and reinstalled everything on the hard drives).


    Since the speed has dropped we have got a new pc for my wife and the speed has remained ~50 Mb/s when tested on her pc. My 4 year old daughter wants to watch "abc iview" on the tablet and I am sick of hearing about it not working.. (she has already destroyed the ipad with rage caused by this and is now only allowed generic cheap throw away tablets). 


    I hope this problem can be sorted out soon as my next step is to contact customer support.




Re: disgracefully slow download speeds


Hi Soarer,


Thanks for providing such detailed feedback, it helps me get an idea of what could be occurring to cause your speeds to drop. There's a couple of possibilities I've identified which may help when you speak to our tech team.


1) Are you running the speedtest via a cabled computer, or over wifi? The majority of wifi devices that are 6 months old or more have either a B, G or N type wireless adapter. These are indicative of the speeds you can expect over wifi. An N network adapter will often achieve between 40-60mbps download over wifi depending on the environment (no wifi interference equals higher speeds, less distance means less signal dropoff etc). Some newer devices have an AC type wifi adapter, this allows for much higher download speeds over wifi but is not included in many of the devices most people own. Our tech team will often ask you to run tests over both wifi and cable to determine if the fault is wifi related only


2) There could be congested traffic on the exchange in your area, I definitely recommend speaking to our tech team about this. If it is the cause then at least you can get an update on any planned upgrades and peace of mind knowing the fault isn't at your house.


3) It may be a modem fault, or it could be the configuration of your home network.


Best bet is to give our faults team a call on 131344.


They'll be able to run tests at our end, perform some troubleshooting with you and help you resolve the issue so your daughter can enjoy her ABC iView again Smiley Happy

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