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constant cable internet outages - what to do?

I'd really like someone from Optus to guide me on this one, the reliability of our internet connection (and therefore telephone and fetchTV service) has been absolutely attrocious in recent times.


last night we had a 3+ hour outage, no dataflow at all (modem connects and registers, all channels in sync, but no data) - i do the usual modem reboot and still nothing, 2 of my mates who live about 1-2kms away both have the same problem, then i notice the hundreds of posts in our local BSS group on facebook reporting the same problem.... it's not just me, it's the entire western suburbs of Melbourne, and it's the second time this week. (i'm in spotswood, 3015)


the problem is, how do i log this fault? calling tech support i *know* is going to be useless, the wait times are over an hour and even if we get through to someone, we just get told "sorry there's an outage, your call is important to us, thankyou for your patience" and then nothing happens. live chat is no better, and i've got much better things to be doing than spending an hour on hold wasting my time twice a week when we know damn well it's not an issue specific to my house, street, or even suburb when hundreds of other people are posting the exact same thing on whirlpool/facebook.


I've had optus cable for 6 years now since i moved to my current location, and it makes me sick to think that 6 years ago the service was perfectly fine, reliable enough (i totally get the occasional outage, things happen), speeds were good even during peak etc etc, but 6 years down the track and the service is basically unusable during peak times, we're having outages once a week on average, and generally it's just falling to crap, and i know damn well it's not just my service.


so with all of that, what do we do? do i keep detailed logs of every single outage i have? do i have to call tech support and get the usual bullcrap every time? what do we have to do in order for Optus to actually provide a reasonable level of speed and performance to their customers? do we actually have to go to the levels of class-action lawsuit style crap to get some reasonable answers or is there a way we can work together proactively to get some improvements?


(fwiw, i'm a network engineer, and have worked in a major telco for ~5 years, this is not one of those "try connecting your laptop directly to your modem to see if it's your wifi" type complaints, i know damn well what needs to be checked on my end before i ever pick up the phone to tech support)



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Re: constant cable internet outages - what to do?

Hey @Jaybo, sorry to hear of your overall experience with us -- internally we receive updates and alerts whenever there is a mass service disruption, this flows through and is noted on our Network Status page (click on "Outages", "Fixed Outages" and search for your area), and a fault ticket will appear with an option to "Report your fault here". You'll receive updates as they're made available, and be provided a fault ticket number for future reference. I'm sure you can understand that, generally, the terminology used in the updates isn't overly technical, so if you were after a more detailed update, you can send through a private message and we can take a look and provide this for you.

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Re: constant cable internet outages - what to do?

I just signed up to Optus Cable in the Northern suburbs and I agree, it's terrible.

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