Is anyone else having internet connection drop outs, and very slow connection.  I have never had an issue before but it's been bad for several weeks now.

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That's not great to hear. We'll need more info to be able to assist further. What type of connection do you have? Have you checked our network status page for any known issues? What troubleshooting have you already done?

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Re: connection


Yes.. I just posted about the exact same problem.  For weeks now, constant drop outs, buffering, slow speeds.. having to switch modem on & off to no avail.  Tried to call.. tried to live chat.. all the foreign reps want to do is line test after line test when Telstra just came here & said there was nothing wrong with it.  You pay to get unlimited data & then you can't use the computer or access Netflix.. or when you do, you're constantly getting booted off.  It's ridiculous. 


I'm heading to Telstra soon I think.. I'm at the point I don't care if I have to pay more every month.. but when you need to use the internet all day every day & it doesn't work, it's just not worth the constant aggrevation.

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