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New Contributor

cancellation of NBN

well after 6 miserable months of putting up with poor NBN speeds one point 19mbs befor dropping out!!!! I decided to cancel the service with Flopstus believe you me 6 months was far too long to put up with the  service!!!!!!

but now trying to get disconected takes floptus to another level of incompetence and poor service. so monday 29th  October I cancelled agreed disconection on the 31st october so the 1st November went into store and on line chat said oh um takes 3 days guess what 2nd November im still conected!!!!!!

Really disappointing its "well worth the money going back to Telstra"

Its even faster to hot spot of my Telstra Mobile.

Shame on you Floptus!!!!!

Disgruntled of Melton!!!

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