can't open Chinese websites


Since October many Chinese websites can't be open from my cable service.
I've tried the device troubleshoot guide on the support page. Restart modem, clear cache etc. only in vain. I'm not an expert, I searched some solutions, but nothing works. However, here are some observations and I hope someone can help.

1. It's widespread. Lots of sites are inaccessible.
Error in chrome: [web address] took too long to respond. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
Error in Edge: Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND
Examples are (Bank of China), (Bureau of Statistics) (People's Bank of China), (China Unicom).

2. Tried to traceroute, it stopped at, a node in China.

3. Using VPN and same pc, I can access those sites.

4. Using optus mobile network tethering, I can access those sites.

5. Using telstra mobile network tethering, I can access those sites.


My guess is that the cable network wrongly relays the traffic to a dead end, or the node in China just goes silent on the request.

Appreciate if anyone can help.
Thanks in advance.


Re: can't open Chinese websites


Anyone experiencing the same? Anyone can help? Moderator too busy? I also tried to edit DNS to google servers but it didn’t work. I’m going to lodge with Optus. 


Re: can't open Chinese websites


Sorry @SSL, it’s been incredibly busy on the forum over the last 2 days. I'm doing my best to play catch up. 


you've tried to access the same websites after changing from Optus - Google DNS, but the traceroute yields the same result? 


You're welcome to send us a screenshot of the traceroute over PM. I can forward it across to our network team for investigation.

I haven't received any reports of the issue you're describing. 


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Re: can't open Chinese websites




I have got exactly the same issue recently. Not only I could not reach the chinese websites you mentioned, but also, and Baidu netdisk is unaccessible either.






Re: can't open Chinese websites



The above is the status for which shows connection timed out.


Re: can't open Chinese websites




This is the traceroute for

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