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New Contributor Moncoe
New Contributor

can't call internation

 hi, my homeline can call local mobile phone but can't call internation, can you fix?

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Contributor Berowra2

Re: can't call internation

Hi @Moncoe, sounds like an account issue.  Try calling the help number or use Chat to make changes to your account.

Moderator Kartika

Re: can't call internation

Apologies for the delay in response @Moncoe. Did you get a chance to chat with someone in this regards since posting? Are you able to make international calls now? Can you confirm what number you are dialing? Have you entered the prefix 0011 to make the call? If this did not work then could be that international calls are barred from your service. We can definitely unbar it for you just PM us → here your phone number / account number, full name and date of birth to proceed.

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