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New Contributor Viper59
New Contributor

cable Internet Dropout

For the past 3 months and getting more regular my internet drops out for 5-10 minutes 5+ times in the evening or until I can't put up with it anymore and during the day it blips continuously. 

Prior to the beginning of the year it was not as bad or frequent but this is now beyond workable. 

Any ideas 💡

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New Contributor Pixelcake
New Contributor

Re: cable Internet Dropout

Same issue as you. Where are you located? We're in Newtown, Sydney.


Been experiencing these issue intermittently throughout our ~2 years as Cable subscribers. It'll be fine for 3-4 months then go back to being unworkable.


You'll contact Tech Support, they'll tell you to change the channel on your modem (even though you tell them you already have), they get a technician to come over who tests the line at 11.00am in the morning (when there's no congestion) and they tell you "there's no problem". If they were there at 8:00pm they'd see the connection dropping out every 2 minutes.



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New Contributor Viper59
New Contributor

Re: cable Internet Dropout

I have to say I have been very happy with my cable service, I've been on cable since they installed it out here (Melbourne outer suburb).

This issue has only started happening in the last 12 months on reflection, since the NBN push started; what a coincidence! and no I don't believe it is Optus but it is NBN related somehow, and increasing getting worse, very notable the last 3-4 months, to the point that it is affecting connections, Netflix, Foxtel Streaming, browsing, dropouts lasting from 5-10 minutes and longer at times.

Last night we had 3 dropouts after 7:15ish, 6, 9 and 16 minutes, then we gave up and flicked back to standard TV and Foxtel. Just wanted to watch TV veg out and forget about everything, you know!!!

I'm waiting for NBN to be installed, only 3 weeks late, I'm hoping for as good a service I had with my Optus cable less the dropouts of course.

Optus have provided my with great service for many many years, I was a dial-up customer and moved to cable when it was installed, so I've been with them for 10+ years, I've been used to great service and support, I think I've had 3 calls in the whole time I've been with them. I've never experienced this type of outage and performance, 1st world problem!!

There's something happening at the hub/switch guys, rebooting routers and modems in the home does NOT fix the problem.


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New Contributor Viper59
New Contributor

Re: cable Internet Dropout

Problem located and about to be resolved, a Tech from Optus came out to my home today, not only did he  have Tech knowledge and experience, he listened. I explained the history, he checked the configuration, speed, network and all things technical and as you might guess it was all well within spec.

Now here comes the best part.

He picked up the phone and made a call back to the exchange, appears that there is an issue at the exchange where my area plugs into, appears that I'm also not the only one that has logged a ticket with these systems and no one has linked the ticket to the backend alerts, and now that it has bubbled to the surface it will be fixed and as they know that there is a client issue. Suggest everyone ping their agent and ask to speak to a tech and have them check the exchange.

FYI: I do have one advantage over most folks, I'm ex Networks and Systems qualified, my current skills may not be up to date, however the rules don't change with problem resolution.

Know that there is a problem.

Found where the problem is.

Know what the answer is.

Need for the fix to be implemented.

Almost there!!!!


And the phone call that came after he left, NBN will be installing my new service tomorrow, allegedly!!

Not holding my breath!

New Contributor Viper59
New Contributor

Re: cable Internet Dropout

Well folks, I am the winner this weekend.

Part 1.
Not only was my Cable dropout fixed, yes there was an issue at the switch, go figure, all of the Optus clients on this particular switch were having the same dropout issue, the Tech that came to the house initiated the fix and I had no issues since then.

Part 2.
Low and behold the NBN Tech arrived as booked and switched me over to the NBN, I'll take donations for getting the Optus cable fixed before switching over.

I hope I get the same support and performance from NBN as I have from Optus and the cable service. So far so good.

So long Optus Cable, have to say I'm not looking forward to having two providers supporting my internet service, for that matter three providers now, No more Optus Internet Cable, Optus Foxtel, and Optus Support from provider to service.

It's a new world order in Oz for Internet services, may the Internet Gods help and save us from the bureaucrats!!!


Drop Out Issue Closed and Resolved. Thank you Optus Tech.

Optus backend management, why didn't you pick this up with your alerts, not good guys, three+ of serious intermitent service and possibly 9 months all up, dissapointing given your track record over the years. Anyway, it's resolvd now..


Viper59 Out.

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