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Hi Optus,

I recently signed up for your home broadband.  I have to say I am shocked by how slow it is.  I just ran a speed test with the ethernet cord plugged in.  I got back a speed of 0.15mbps.  Unbelievably slow!  I check how far I am away from the nearest hub and my grandparents are 2kms farther from the same hub and get 2.3mbps from their iinet home broadband.  Optus is extremely slow compared to iinet for the same service.  What can you do for me?

I am at <removed for privacy>.

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Optus Home Broadband Speed Test - April 30, 2015.jpg

Re: broadband


Hi Natalie,


Those speeds are quite slow! It would be best to contact our faults team directly so they can do some troubleshooting to figure out exactly what's going on here.  

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