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adding a new postpay mobile broadband service to an existing optus account



Does anyone know how can get a Postpay mobile broadband service added to my existing Optus account?


It still hasn't been added after several weeks after signing up.


For one thing, I would like some way of being able to monitor usage.  


I signed up for a Postpay mobile broadband service (200GB for $70/month) at my local Optus store. 


I told them I had an existing Optus account, and they said that the service would automatically be added to my existing Optus account (the service contract I signed had my email address under which my optus account is registered).


A week later, it wasn't, so I went back to the Optus store with my contract. and they said it would be added when I got my first bill.


This week, I received my first bill (and paid it).


It still has not been added to my existing Optus account. I doubt it will be ever automatically be added. 


Is there any way I can add it myself? Or what do I have to do? I can't find any useful information, or even any clues or leads, on the Optus website. As I said, I want to be able to track usage. For instance, the link "View and Track Usage" on is dead: I get "HMMM IT SEEMS THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HAS MOVED. Please search for your topic again." So I hit a brick wall whatever i do...


Thanks for reading.



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Re: adding a new postpay mobile broadband service to an existing optus account

Mobile broadband is a little tricky but still doable. I will start by saying Optus are currently migrating customers across from their older system to a newer one and if the services are split across systems it's not doable. If they are on the same bill, they're definitely both on the same system.


When I log into My Account I see these 4 squares in the top right. Select the add service button and follow the prompts. It'll ask you for the mobile number of the service which you should find on your bill.




Now for the tricky bit. As part of the linking process, the system sends an SMS with a code to the mobile broadband device. Head over to this link, select your device and then under the "How To" section go to messaging and you'll see how to access the SMS sent to you. 

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