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i recently purchased a ZTE Wifi modem that came with an Optus SIM card I have activated it and had no trouble using it, though my data is all gone in a matter of minutes


i recharge Optus broadband data and I only use it to watch Netflix or update iTunes etc. 


I have been recharging the $30 bonus and there is no possible way I could be using over 14G in a night, another example was this morning I recharged $45 to update my phone and it ran out of data before it could finish? 


Re: ZTE prepaid Wireless internet


Hi there,


So when you say update iTunes do you mean the program or using to update your Apple devices?


Video streams are the biggest killer of data and wth a variable bit rate and depending on the settings can be anything from 700MB/h to 7GB/h.

Cheers Dave

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Re: ZTE prepaid Wireless internet

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I don't think there are any prepaid plans that allow free streaming of Netflix.


You have to buy a postpaid 24m tablet plan, which is very cheap. Probably the $50 one for you, until you work out how much data you use. If you buy no device with the plan, it doesn't cost anything to exit the plan.


Be very careful not to use the plan up, and only use SD Netflix. Check your account all the time, to avoid getting charged $10 per GB.



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