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Your guide to optimising your home internet with My Optus app

The My Optus app is a simple solution for modem setup and diagnosing potential WiFi network issues, amongst other handy things. The My Optus app collects information such as WiFi settings, speed and latency which you can use to optimise your home network. You’ll also be able to follow step by step troubleshooting guides to resolve common connection issues.

In this article, we'll show how to make the most of the My Optus app at home.

Getting started with the My Optus app

First things first, download the My Optus app from the Google Play or Apple App store.

Using the My Optus app to set up your modem 

You can use the My Optus app to assist with the installation of the following services:

MOA Modem Setup.png

  1. Select your Broadband connection type  
  2. Select your modem type
  3. Follow our step-by-step modem setup instructions

Troubleshoot your internet connection

With My Optus app, you'll be able to Check our Network Status, Restart your modem, Restart your devices, Check cabling and equipment, Check ethernet connection and Check Wifi connection. Select the options to complete simple steps to try and resolve the issue:

MOA troubleshooting.png

Run a speed test

With just two taps, you'll have speed test results to see how your connection is performing:

MOA Speed Test.png

Locate 5G towers and set up your 5G Home Broadband service 

You can use the My Optus app to find your closest 5G Mobile tower and the direction of the 5G signal. 


  1. Tap Get started to begin
  2. Enter your service address in the address field. The map will display the closest Optus 5G Mobile towers to your address. You’ll be able to see the exact distance the tower lies from your address and the direction of the 5G signal. Rotate your device to align with the direction of the 5G signal.
  3. Your device will then vibrate once it’s found the direction of the the 5G signal
  4. Try and position your modem to align with the direction of the 5G Signal. You can then follow the step-by-step modem installation guide to help complete the installation of your 5G Home Broadband service

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