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Wrong Mobile phone associated with Home Broadband Contract


I ordere a home broadand bundle the 15 of July.

I am already registered ad Optus because I have my mobile number with you.


I have received now an email stating that my new service is active but the number associated with it is not my number.

I am hopelessly trying to talk with anyone to solve this, nor the live chat or the phone call seem to get through.


I am very much regretting signing the contract at the moment.

My internet should've been active yesterday but is not working and I need it for my job.


Saying I am disappointed is not nearly close to how I feel.

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Re: Wrong Mobile phone associated with Home Broadband Contract

Hi @buraberta


I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to your post. The Home Wireless Broadband (HWB) service is a mobile service itself meaning it has its own mobile number. This means when you receive a bill you will see two mobile numbers - your existing phone number and the HWB plan. If you're still having issues with this service, please send us a private message confirming your phone number, full name and date of birth. Thank you and sorry again for the delay!

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