Worst Customer Support in Industry?


A month ago I called to report slow internet speeds.

I was told this was likely an issue with my own connection, as their line check indicated it was fine. They would charge me $350 to send a tech to look.

I said no thanks and put up with it.

After two weeks it got even worse. I called back.

The man said he would send an Optus tech to check the outside line, and come to my house to check the internal line. If outside line Optus would fix it free, or if my intenal line I had to pay $120. "OK, that sounds fair and a good solution."

I had to be home all morning 8 - 12 to allow access to my home, I recieved an sms to confirm this.

Nobody came. Smiley Frustrated

The internet speed did pick up from 1.5 MBPS to 14 MBPS at 11 AM - I got an SMS saying problem was fixed. And it was. For 3 hours. The SMS recieved asked me to confirm it was fixed. I decided to wait for a few hours before replying as I wanted to see some continuity. It lasted 3 hours. I replied by SMS the fault was ongoing.

The service was back to 1 MBPS.


I called back to compain the tech did not turn up, and the problem was ongoing.


The "customer support office" told me the line check was done, thus the tech never needed to access my house. I told him the problem was repaired for only 3 hours then back broken. He told me a tech would only be able to come in 5 days time. (no phone, internet - badluck). He further told me his check indicated it was probably a fault with my line and I would likely have to pay. I refuted this and several times (nothing has changed at my end yet the service worked for 3 hours). It seemed to me these guys will make up any story they can. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He refused several times. I hung up in frustration. I can only guess his kpi include deescalating withour referral. Smiley Frustrated


The tech was booked for 5 days later. In the interim the service again resumed normal speeds upgrading from the 1 MBPS to 14 MBPS on the LAN this return to normal lasted 3 days. When the tech called to confirm the appointment I told him there was no need to check my internal line as the service was again operating at full speed for a number of days. (I saw no need for them to try and tell me it was my fault when clearly it was not - something on external line or exhcange was the variable).

The next day of course the service crashed back to not even 1MBPS.

I called to rebook the tech - After one missed call they sent an sms to ask which was the best time to call. I replied within minutes. That was 4 days ago. I am still waiting for a reply.

I called today to ask for the tech to come. I was told I had to wait for them to call me.


So more than a month with a crappy or non existant internet service. Many attempts to get them to fix it. No result.

I told my sister this story (who lives across town), she said she had had to take the morning off just last week for an Optus technician to visit to restore her internet, and SURPRISE - he didn't come!


How can you run a business like this?

Surely there is a better company in the industry I can migrate to?





Re: Worst Customer Support in Industry?


It sounds like you're on an ADSL connection? What postcode?


Optus aren't actually responsible for the copper network. They will have arranged to send out a Telstra Tech to analyse the line. It does appear you're unlucky with the performance coming and going. 




Peter Gillespie

Re: Worst Customer Support in Industry?


I got a message from Optus.

Not offering to help, oh no! They are more worried about me choosing a different username.


Still no internet.

Still nobody contacting me to resolve the issue.



Re: Worst Customer Support in Industry?


Yes it seems they sent a Telstra tech. To check exchange. And he found something wrong and fixed it. Pitt it only lasted 3 hours. Pity I had to wait home all morning for a no show.

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