Wireless broadband drop outs each night


Signed up for wireless boradband a few days ago and for the first few hours seemed very happy (200GB/m with Hauwai B525, averaging between 10-40mbps), then only to find that every evening for the last three days it starts dropping out all over the place, usually around 8 – 10pm. Noticing mostly when we chromecast netflix in the eve, and it will get stuck buffering, eventually resuming but often not for many minutes. It's not just netflix though, when it happens everything goes down, like cant even search google. Though the modem will be showing connectivity (cyan light) and there's always 3 – 4 bars of reception showing.

Any one else experience this? I'm in Drummoyne, supposedly < 500m from an a Optus tower.

I've tried changing the mode to 4G only, moving the router, adding antennas, and testing via ethernet into my PC.. no fixes so far.

Thanks for any input,

Re: Wireless broadband drop outs each night


Looks like you have gone to great effort to try and get it working properly. My first thought would be congestion on the local tower given it happens at peak time all the time. I guess there could be an issue with the modem but if it works ok off peak its highly unlikely. Have you had a word with support as they should be able able to tell you what is happening on the tower. Hit them up for a discount it if it turns out to be an issue on their end.

Re: Wireless broadband drop outs each night


Heya @Jex12, our mobile tech team do have tools to measure cell congestion.

If there does turn out to be an issue, I'm sure they'll be willing to discuss some options.


I'd give our Live Chat team a shot.

PersonalMobileTechnical issues.


Let us know how it all goes, happy to help in anyway I can. 


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Re: Wireless broadband drop outs each night


I am contemplating going for the Optus Home Mobile Broadband $60 200GB plan that comes with the Huawei B525 modem. Most users say that its speed capped to 12/1 Mbps while you have mentioned that you can hit upto 40Mbps sppeds!


Can you please confirm with a speed test whether you are actually going above 12Mbps or not?

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