Wireless Home Broadband


Dear Sir/Madam,


hello I am Qinglin Lyu.I am wondering why my home internet does not work. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Re: Wireless Home Broadband


Hi @Qinglin welcome to the forum. Yescrowd is for you to post questions and members from the community reply if they can assist you. 


For technical support, I suggest you to contact Optus on the phone or via live chat who have access to your account details.


It would be helpful for you to describe your setup and issue as the community do not know anything about your setup, account etc. REMEMBER, DO NOT to post any personal or account details in this public forum. 

I’m a Yes Crowd Champion (not an Optus employee). I share my knowledge on Yes Crowd on a voluntary basis. If I answered your question, please mark it as a Accepted Solution. If I helped you out, hit that Kudos button Smiley Happy
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