Wireless Home Broadband Super Slow


I have been using the Home Wireless 200GB broadband product for about 10 months now with no problems. Recently it slowed down to just 120kbps download/upload. 


After speaking on the phone and in store countless times I was told I needed a replacement SIM card for the modem. After receiving the SIM card it took another 3 days to activate as the online team, phone team and in store team could not do it. Eventually a staff member activated the SIM this morning but the speeds are still the same.


When I called back they only offered to check if the modem is faulty. This will take several weeks and obviously cost our household hundreds of dollars in excess mobile data charges as we must hotspot to get our work done. Is there any other way to fix this? 

Re: Wireless Home Broadband Super Slow



am having the same blooming issues and on same plan as you, it's painfully slow, can't even run a speed test. It's only been in this last week, and I ended up having to tether to my "optus" mobile plan in order to surf - which is nuts considering using same network. 

Is anyone out there having the same issues? 


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