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Wireless Home Broadband Super Slow

So i've been using the Huawei E5186 for two weeks on the Wireless Home Broadband plan. During the first week or so i didn't have many problems and even saw an increase in speed compared to the fixed system my parents use. But the past three days have been painful, speedtests put my down speed <.1 Mbps regularly with up speeds of about .5 Mpbs. I live within a kilometer of a 2300MHz Optus tower, so am quite suprised to have such poor quality. When I use hotspot my 4G Vodafone phone to my laptop, the results (for download speed) are over 100 times better. Is this a common occurence for this modem or plan? Would it be worth switching to a pocket modem which, although more expensive, sees far better results?

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Re: Wireless Home Broadband Super Slow

It's not a common occurence, but the 2300 frequency doesn't penetrate as well as some of the lower ones (700, 1800) that are used for normal LTE. In other words, how many bars are you getting? In the device information, what is the RSRP? Is it -115? Or is it good, like -95?


Check what band it's on as well. When the device slips off 2300, it moves to band 3, or band 28, which have restricted speed on that plan 5/1.


Currently, the smart money is on the 140GB or 100GB plans on the data sim pages. Either 12m or month to month. Then a person gets a cat 6,9,11 modem, which hangs onto 2,3,4 bands at the same time. E5786, Netgear AC800S Surprisedmb:subnav:mbbSmiley Tongueos...


The 100GB month to month has unmeterd access to Netflix/Stan, even though the plan fails to mention it.



You can't switch modems on the HWB plan. I think it's locked to that modem.