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Hi,  I've recently switched back to wireless broadband from nbn, while waiting for nbn box to be fixed/ diagnosed.  We have 200 GB a month and in 3 years on nbn never went anywhere near using it all.  No on the wireless,  same data limit,  we are apparently going through all the data in 2/3's of the time!!!  I've queried, the usage many times and been told we are definately using it.  All I've been given is advice on how to reduce data usage, and the solution is to pay more $$$ to increase our monthly plan.

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It would need to be something data intensive to burn through approximately 10GB per day. Netflix will do it as will a data backup program. If you suspect its not coming from you changing the WiFi password might be a good idea.


Edit: Typical data usage for me with a bit of Netflix and YouTube use 2 - 5GB a day. You would need to be doing a fair bit more to use 10GB a day.





Re: Wireless Broadband and data usage


Are you watching Netflix etc.? Is it possible some of this content was not data counted in your previous plan. Perhaps ask how much actual data (or look in MYACCOUNT) your previous plan used (not the billed amount, the actual amount).


Otherwise as a test perhaps try set aside a day where you don't use the wireless data for a midnight to midnight period. You could try this with the modem plugged in (unplug and wired and turn off any wifi devices) and then perhaps again with it unplugged. After a few days you can go back and check your usage to confirm it is 0 for those days.


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I am having the very same problem. Moved to Optus wireless broadband two months agai and needed to go from a 60gb plan to a 500gb plan just to stop exceeding the cap.


When I looked into it though I am going through between 5-10gb per day after I disconnect and block all the devices from the modem. 


So far I have physically disconnected and powered off all devices, and also downloaded The HUAWEI HiLink app and put all connected devices on the connection blacklist. 


The optus wireless broadband product seems to be defective. 


Any advice appreciated. 



Re: Wireless Broadband and data usage


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