Wireless Broadband Super Slow


Hey all,


Yesterday afternoon my Wireless Broadband connection pretty much stopped working. 


I got the Wireless broadband last Friday and was not happy with the speed. Called Optus and changed some settings to the router for it to only connect to the 4G band (2300mhz). My speed jumped from 5mb/1mb to 12mb/1mb. Was really happy and everything was working perfectly then yesterday afternoon the internet just stopped working. It cannot load any websites even, called Optus and they said there is nothing wrong with the tower that I was connected to. I am with Optus on my mobile as well and disconnected my phone from the router and same issue there. Did a speedtest and am getting 5-6mb/.5-1mb, so according to Optus there is nothing wrong. Has anyone encountered this issue? Or have any ideas on a solution?


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Re: Wireless Broadband Super Slow


Optus Home Wireless Broadband has 2 speed tiers.

5/1Mbit & 12/1Mbit

You can only get 12/1Mbit if your device is receiving 2300Mhz.

The router itself has no way of setting locking to a particular band (there are applicatiosn that let you edit the router settings to do this - but Optus does not support this side of things).


The key to getting 2300Mhz if its in your area is the positioning of the device - normally in a window as 2300Mhz does not like going through walls very well.


Trial and error to get a solid lot of 2300Mhz unfortunately.

- Took several hours of trying for me to find a place with great signal and that was out of the way of people walking past etc.

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Re: Wireless Broadband Super Slow


Thanks for the response!


I will move the router around the house to see if that works. But it was working perfectly at 12/1 until yesterday arvo, it just randomly stopped working.


And now that the speedtests are showing 5/1, at that speed it does not even load google. Which is why Optus deems nothing wrong, but at my end on my computer/phone and with or without wifi, it is the same experience.


I literally have no internet, with the router thinking I do.




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