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I have had Optus NBN for a year now with no major issue.

Suddenly, and it's been a couple of days now, it has been impossible to connect to the wifi as no WLAN SSID is visible from 3 different devices.

I can connect directly to the router via RJ45 cable and Internet is fine. Obviously this is not an option for phones and I need to fix this issue.


I have left the default parameters since the date I had the modem and router installed.

So since then I tried the following:

_restart both modem and router

_try changing the wifi parameters (curiously, although the wifi light turns on when I set up either an open or password-protected WLAN, no SSID shows up on my devices.

_performed factory resets from both the software and hardware (button in the back)


No success. If you could assist me, I would be grateful.


My router is the F@ST 3864 AC connected to NBN via modem. My devices that can't see the WLAN have Android, iOS and Windows.

Re: Wifi suddenly not visible


Hi ttp


WLAN refers to "Wide LAN" which is essentially the internet. LAN is your internal nework (including WiFi)


Phones are seperate from wifi.


Check if there's a button on the  modem that turns off wifi (many have this). Also set up the wifi with no encryption (seems you've done this?) Make sure broadcast SSID is set. 


Peter Gillespie

Re: Wifi suddenly not visible

[ Edited ]

Hey thanks for your help.

My bad I meant wireless LAN, not WAN.


The wifi button does turn the wifi LED on and off but I still can't see the SSID on my device (my neighbour's box seems to be working though). I did try different encryption methods, to no avail.

I don't have the option to toggle broadcasting in both the basic and advanced menus or submenus, maybe you have a different router in mind, or maybe I didn't get a firmware update. On the back, it says F@ST 3864AC NBN.


I have attached pictures of the menus.





Re: Wifi suddenly not visible


Just a generic suggestion. 


Heading to bed now but all I can suggest is reduce the issue to the minimum. Unhook everything else. Confirm no wifi on more than one device. Could just be the wifi is busted and Optus will send you our a new one.


Good luck


Peter Gillespie

Re: Wifi suddenly not visible


No worries, thanks for your help.

I did as you suggested and unplugged everything.

Still the same issue of no wifi showing on my and my girlfriend's phones and both our computers.


Sad to hear that the router may be kaput.

When you have time, could you let me know what number or e-mail I should contact for a replacement?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Re: Wifi suddenly not visible


The Optus number should be easy enough to find, however I'd suggest just use livechat here online 24/7 to arrange a free replacement (While on contract Optus need to ensure the modem is working correctly)


Peter Gillespie

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