WiFi connection issues at night


For the past few days my WiFi has been playing up extremely bad. 

During the day, it works okay, a bit slow but bareable. But once it hits around 10-11pm at night, it stops working completely and you are unable to connect on any mobile, tablet, laptop ect.. It always says 'Authentication Error Occured' and then says the WiFi is out of range. Although, when an ethernet cable is plugged in from the router directly to a laptop, it works perfectly fine, even when it will not connect on anything else.


I have looked up any network issues in my area and nothing comes up. Is this a router problem? Any ideas on how I could fix it? Thank you so much!

Re: WiFi connection issues at night


Hi carlydib - are you able to advise which make/ model modem you're currently using so we can take a look into a few possible steps to try out on your end? If you've been able to test the connection via an Ethernet cable and it works fine then this would confirm no issues with the line itself, rather the issue would be isolated to your own wifi network. Get back to us so we can then advise of a few things to try Smiley Happy

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Re: WiFi connection issues at night


Thank you for your response! It is a Optus, Cisco Modem. And the model is: Model DPQ3925-X

Re: WiFi connection issues at night


Awesome! Thanks for confirming that. Could you try logging into your router settings via You should find wireless settings options where you can change the wireless channel. Try the different channels to see if you notice any improvement with your WiFi network. If you're unsure about it, our tech support team can step you though. You can get them on 131344

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