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WiFi Modem Usage App

Hello Optus


i wanted to know if there’s any plans to merge wifi and normal mobile account dashboards and integrating the myoptus usage app? 


Most other telcos already have this feature.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: WiFi Modem Usage App

Hey@Mr_Windows 🙂 


We love hearing feedback on products and features, so thank you!

Just so we're across this one. You're suggesting a breakdown of mobile usage on data vs WiFi? 

For example X amount of data was used on cellular and XZY amount of data used on WiFi? 


I wonder if this is something you can do on the device itself.

I know handsets do give a breakdown of total data usage used, but it might only display data used over the mobile network. 

There might be an application out there that's capable of what you're asking. 


At this time, there are no plans to incorporate this feature into the app or My Account. 

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