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Occasional Contributor TallyWhacker
Occasional Contributor

Why is the optus hfc network such a piece of sh*t

Hi guys,


I have been dealing with the optus HFC network for a number of months now. And its been the worst f*cking ISP experience I have ever had, everytime I inquire about speed issues i get the bullsh*t excuse of " it's congestion".. well no it's not.. it's your hardware which you still haven't fixed. f*cking overpopulated cvc's. how about you pull your finger out of your arse and give your customers exactly what they are paying for. And don't even think about censoring this post or removing it. If  you do I will be going to the TIO, ACCC, And any media outlets I can get my hands on. I have had enough of having f*ck all speed of a night time.I want my moneys worth or you lot are f*cked.

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Re: Why is the optus hfc network such a piece of sh*t

Stand in line.

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