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Why is my bill an extra $15?

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my account number is *hidden* and the plan is $60 per month.

but i received an invoice recenly and the amount is $75, including $15 late pay charge.

i want to know why do i need to pay extra $15?


xiaodong zhang  


Re: bill

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Hi there,

You've really answered your own question, you have been charged a $15 late payment fee for paying a recent bill late.

If your bill is more than $50 and you don't pay the total amount you owe by the due date, we may charge you a late payment fee of $15 (no GST is payable).

If you feel this is a mistake or something you want to discuss further, we cannot assist with billing enquiries on this forum as we don't have visibility of your account (I've also hidden your account number on this public forum).

Please contact Optus for further assistance.

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