Why is it so bad


My wifi has been pretty trash the past few months and I just have to ask, what the hell is going on? You say you're working on NBN and trying to make it better, but really I'd prefer my old connection rather than NBN that's going to take a couple of years to set up because your organisation is to unorganised to get anything done.

What's going on and when can I get the good connection that I'm paying for. Illegal false advertising. 100mb/s? More like 0.08.


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Your contract does not specify “customer always gets 100mbit”, and your username screams “look at me now”.


As you have failed to tell us what kind of NBN is?


what modem are you using?


is this speed over wifi or Ethernet?


have you bothered to call Optus to report the fault or just abused them?

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Optus are required to generally hit their advertised speeds on the NBN. One benefit of the NBN is they can no longer just do 'best efforts' whereas previously an ADSL connection could be anywhere between 1 and 21 Mbps all for the same monthly price. 


So if you are consistently under 1 Mbps then Optus must reimburse you monthly fees. As mentioned you need to contact them to arrange that. 


So that said, 1Mbps means there is a fault in your setup. Its not a maybe situation or a greedy corporation etc. You need to contact Optus and have them confirm the speed issue from their end. They will then arrange for the NBNCo to investigate and fix. 


What steps have you taken to start this process?


Peter Gillespie

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I agree....I was promised the fastest connection in the area plus my first month was supposed to be only did they charge me but the connection sux completely....I also perfer my old internet service. 

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I want my 14.4 dial up back I missing the people calling in during my bulletin board access and those funky tones.


Seriously, the goverment has put down the NBN and we all have to migrate to it. It does sounds strange that you are getting 1Mbps on the NBN. Unless you are on Optus cable and the speed has dropped to 1Mbps. Few years ago while on Optus cable, I was getting the full 97Mbps, then free Netflix data comes and it dropped to 3Mbps during peak time. Optus keep on saying upgrading the local node/port etc. But didn't really goes away until just before NBN available in the area. Now we are on Nbn and full speed ahead, well at aroundd 94Mbps. 


Do let the crowd know of your set up and what troubleshooting have been done so far to resolve the issue. Maybe consider 4G(possible 5) internet. 

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