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New Contributor Leochan
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Why i have many problems with optus broadband

Hi guys, do you guys that live in NSW Northern beaches have issues with optus broadband? Not sure what more i can do i have been having terrible broadband issues, i live in Dee Why and the internet is slow and the worst is thaat it stops working every month and i spend like days without internet, everytime apending days talking with support and connectjng and disconnecting cables, nothing gets really dolved and the worse is that every new attendanf gives me a different reason for it. It is getting a heavy toll on me knce k work as webdesigner freelancer and on every case, the stress is ridiculous once not only i dont have internet but need to explain it to clients what makes me look like an idiot, these issues are happening for a long long time. Are you guys having issues and what can do for them to fix this? Thanks


Was researching about the issue and founf out a law called  “Customer service guarantee” law very interesting, and i contact optus AGAINNNNN to ask for an enail address to send a formal complain letter (recommended first step on ACCC website os to give a formal complain letter to the company) once i explained it to attendant he sent me a link of complains on the email there was a URL for their contact us page, where there was no email address but only a option to send a complain letter by mail KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK and that in 10 bus days they contact you, this is really a joke, you can not even complain anymore once they do everything to block you to have any doc sent formally to them, by the way they told me to call expect a call from their technicians on monday kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk today is Thursday and my internet speed is 0.1mb per sec not even in Zambia the internet is so bad

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Re: Why i have many problems with optus broadband

You haven't mentioned what sort of Internet connection this is? If the problems with the speed can't be resolved then a complaint to the TIO would probably be better than the ACCC. I understand you just want the problem fixed however if Optus wont do anything then another isp might be the only alternative.



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