Re: Why does Optus throttle p2p?


I completly agree @loofemmaps & @mscheurer


As a former customer of Telstra from Wynnum i had(110 Mbps) of download and (2.4 Mbps)  upload Speed.


With no lag with online gaming and up to 6Mbps download speed on legal torrents.


Now with Optus (HFC) cable in (Redcliffe) I pay for 100Mbps download speed and receive upto a max of 45Mbps Down Speed

and 1.8Mbps Upload.


Along With Constant drop-outs on port 3074,80 etc (Xbox Live Ports)

Max connection with Telstra always 10,000kbps (10Mbps)

but with Optus i only seem to receive a max of 6000kbps (6Mbps). 


I am a computer engineer and am extremely tech savy with networking etc.


This Really Needs To Be Seen To As A Major Hidden Issue With OPTUS.


I would love the CEO of Optus Australia to Verify If Throttling P2P Network Speed is the case?


And explain to me why when connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) how the download speed of torrenting magically increases?


Re: Why does Optus throttle p2p?


There is no throttling of P2P.   Which port would they throttle? Do you think that are checking you're torrents for indicitive marked packets?


If you're using TOR you probably derseve to get throttled, not that they do.







Re: Why does Optus throttle p2p?


As for why would a VPN be quicker - off the top of my head, I am pretty sure most  VPNs used for pirating/nefarious/privacy reasons use Socks5 - which is not reliant on any form of encryption.   So you're link between he VPN and you box is straight through. the VPN itself if doing the heavy lifting. 


But that's just off the top of my head

Re: Why does Optus throttle p2p?

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I'm really not sure at all that the claim here by an Optus rep that they don't throttle is accurate. I just joined Optus Broadband this week. I still have my iinet naked DSL in play for another month or so. As a result I have a fairly useful test for things like torrents. This obviously isn't definitive, but here's what i've noticed doing tests the last few days.


IINET results

1. When I'm connected iinet Naked DSL, i have always consistently got about 8-9 Mbps on I tested today and once again got that result (8.36 Mbps).

2. I then started downloading a heavily available file. was peaking at about 850 Kbps in my Deluge client.



1. Connected to my Optus network. Did, got 72.32 Mbps (it's the evening so that's no bad). Note this is about 9 TIMES the speed of my IINET connection

2. The same file, once i started in Deluge, never got above about 233 Kbps.


Further: I then tried other files - very similar results.  


What I know:

1. I connected from the same machine, using the same tech, and the Optus broadband is WAY faster, yet MUCH slower for P2P.

2. Of course, I can't guarantee something isn't going on with the router Optus gave me, but it's a standard netgear router, i've looked through the config and it just doesn't even have settings for this type of stuff.




It could be Optus claims we don't do throttling, but instead they do some QOS that in practice amounts to throttling but allows them to claim they don't do it. It could be the router, but i highly doubt that give the settings on offer.


The data simply doesn't seem to support the claim that Optus categorically doesn't throttle, which you claim is the case. I know it's a complex issue, but seriously, the speedtest and iinet situation (and we KNOW iinet doesn't throttle, they've been on the front foot all along about content and the role of an ISP).


I'd love some help - I'm willing to accept there 'could' be a reason that explains this beyond throttling/QOS, but it is not looking good right now. 9 times the speed on a general speedtest, but only 1/5th the speed roughly for P2P. That is an efficiency of about 1/50th of iinet. That doesn't add up... what's going on here folks???



Re: Why does Optus throttle p2p?

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I Just Bridged My Netgear CG3000v2 And Am Now Getting Full Speed Capability Of P2P Networking!

Im Extremely Happy With 6Mbps Down Speed on P2P Smiley Very Happy


Must Be A Router Side Issue With This Modem Smiley Wink

bridge mode.png

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