Why do optus torture people and expect them to continue as customers


I have had yet another typical experience with Optus - at least they are consistent.

I have moved premises and set up an apppointment for 17/11/18 from 1-5pm for ADSL line to be connected (home phone and internet).  After arranging to take the day off work I got an sms from Optus to say your technician is confirmed for 20/11/18 between 12 - 5pm.  I was very unhappy and called Optus, after being on the phone for a good 40 mins, I was told that the appointment was now confirmed and they were sending me a 'dongle' to use until the service was set up.  They sent me a wi fi hotspot and a $50 sim.    I then received another sms to say my technician was confirmed for 28/11/18 - NOT HAPPY!!!  I tried online chat this time and spent a good hour trying to sort it out with Joan.  I then escalated to the floor manager - Greg.  I was very angry and Greg made calls and assured me that my technician was booked in for beween 1-6pm on 28/11/18 (interesting that the times are not consistent across the bookings) and that I did not need to be on the premises.  I double checked this with him and he assured me I did not need to be there and said he would give me $50 off my first bill for the inconvenience.  So, on Monday 26.11 I got an sms from optus to say i had to be at home for the technician.....I had to arrange to take the afternoon off on short notice (my boss was not happy).  I went home and no surprise - they never showed up.  I've been in the premises two weeks now and still in the same spot I was a month ago when I decided to use optus as the provider in my new home.

WHY CAN'T THEY DO A SIMPLE JOB AND stop sending free stuff to make up for their continued stuff ups.  I have wasted a full day of my time between chasing them for hours on the phone / online and taking 1/2 day off work.

I would rather stick pins in my eyes than repeat the optus customer service criteria to get this fixed - any suggestions??  I'm thinking of referring the matter for the Minister for Communications to sort out on my behalf.....has anyone got recent experience in doing so and, if so, what was the result.

Re: Why do optus torture people and expect them to continue as customers


I can only suggest you request the contract to be terminated with no further payments required. 


Try a different RSP. When the NBN comes you should have a lot of very good options and much better speeds etc.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Why do optus torture people and expect them to continue as customers


It gets worse.    Last night at 8.00pm I got a call from a cheery guy in India, Hi - I am calling to reschedule your appointment.    Lets just say he did not get a good reaction from me, particularly as my appoinment was the day prior and I had taken the afternoon off work.  These optus departments don't talk to each other, don't communicate and frankly don't care.   I usually take great care not to yell at the person at the end of the ladder - this poor bloke copped my wrath, I did explain to him that I understood he was only the messenger and it was not personal....didn't stop me telling him exactly what I thought of Optus.


I said that as this was the 5th time the appointment was rescheduled I had no faith that anyone would turn up and was not happy to take more time off work until I had a guarantee of service.    He said he would put me through to a customer service number that could help me...I said I did not want to wait on hold for 30 mins and he said, no they will assist you straight I was on hold for approx 4 minutes and got a recorded message saying that I had called out of business hours and should call back tomorrow.



Re: Why do optus torture people and expect them to continue as customers


Had we advised what work was required on the day of your ADSL activation?


Techs are required to visit in two scenarios:


1)  Jumpering from the A or B side of the MDF (If your premises forms part of a multi-dwelling unit) 

2)  Jumpering from the pit (if you're in a standalone home) 


If it's option 1, sometimes you can get away with not being home on the day. The technician does require access to the communications room, but if it's unlocked - he could complete the work without requiring your attendance.


I'm happy to go in and take a look. You'll need to send us a private message. I'll need you to include your full name, DOB and order number. 


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Re: Why do optus torture people and expect them to continue as customers


Hi Dan,  thank you for responding.   


I was advised by Greg, the supervisor that as I was in a unit I would not be required to be there.  I do know that the previous tenant of 10 yrs + did not have the phone connected and double checked that I was not required to be there.  Greg assured me I did not.  Three days later I got an sms from optus to say someone over the age of 18 needed to be around between 1pm & 6pm and that my service would be available to use after 6pm on the same day..    I had to take time off work at 2 days notice.      No one turned up, still no service.


It was the phonecall the day after installation was to take place that broke me.  Telling me that he wanted to reschedule my appointment...  not being able to give me a guarantee that someone would turn up if I took time off work again.


The tipping point was when yes crowd sent me a ''badge'' and a survey asking how likely i was to recommend optus to friends and family.....I lost it.   I have written to the Minister for Telecommunications asking him to step in and sort it out on my behalf.

If there is something you can assist with I would be grateful.




Re: Why do optus torture people and expect them to continue as customers


Its only NBn connections but the industry is at least moving to reduce when service people don't turn up. With no penalty I suspect the industry largely acts like airlines and over book each flights/days work. Usually this works out but often stuff happens and there's nothing stopping any work person just shrugging their shoulders and deciding to skip any given appointment. 


Now at least the there's a financial penalty for the NBN if someone doesn't turn up. Only problem though is that its the RSP (i.e. Optus) that gets the compensation. Given Optus' preference to let the customer suffer if it means a boosted bottom line I'm pretty dubious on whether this compensation will be passed on to the customer Smiley Indifferent


Peter Gillespie

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