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New Contributor

Why do I have debt collectors chasing me??



I've got a debt collector (who seems legitimate) chasing me for a large sum of money that Optus have communicated to me (in a saved transcript that I have) that I have no balance to pay?


Optus actually cancelled my account by accident when trying to resolve why the compnay had opened a duplicate account for me and hence charging me double...and when they cancelled the wrong account, they charged me a cancellation fee.


I've been over this with Optus a few times as bills arrive with the charge again, only to be told tim after time that I have nothing to pay as it was a fault of Optus, and once I returned the modem (which I did using their reply postage service).


Now I have Commercial Credit after me. I sent them the transcript from Optus saying I had nothing to pay, which they went back to Optus with, and then I get an email from ComCredit saying Optus have generously offered to half the debt if I pay in 48 hours...So if they have offered to half the debt, surely this means they have admitted fault here.


I don't know what's going on here, anyone else been through this?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Why do I have debt collectors chasing me??


It sounds like a similar experience to this one: Disputing Bill Nightmare with the same advice applying.

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