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Why do I have a credit enquiry from Optus financial services on my credit report?

On 10 February 2017, I have a credit enquiry on my credit report from Optus Financial Services NSW. I am not an Optus customer, and would like the enquiry deleted as I have not made any enquiry/purchase of Optus products in the past 4 years. I have spoken to approximately 10 Optus operators already and they all can't find anything on their system and keep on transferring the call to another department (sales, customer service, Optus financial, chat manager) How can I go about this? Thanks.

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Re: Why do I have a credit enquiry from Optus financial services on my credit report?


FWIW the occassional credit request on a report has little to no effect on your credit score. In fact having or requesting credit can actually increase your score as it indicates you are engaged and in control of the process. You can probably safely leave it to eventually drop off.


Possibly someone tried to get a free phone by submitting your details but that hasn't worked. 


Regardless its best to get the credit agency to remove the entry, not Optus:


How to remove incorrect details and enquiries from your credit report

  1. Review your credit file. Start by getting a copy of your credit report, You then need to go through all the credit enquiries and other details on record. Count the total number of enquiries and reference against the enquiries you know you have made (ie loan, utility and card applications). Flag any enquiries that are unfamiliar or which you can't recall approving.
  2. Follow up on unfamiliar enquiries. If you have identified an enquiry you don't remember making, now's the time to contact the lender associated with it. Find out what the enquiry was made for and why, to establish whether you approved it or not. Note that sometimes you can give approval simply by ticking a box on a form. For example, if you consent to receiving credit limit increase offers on your credit card, and then accept an offer, it could lead to a new enquiry on your credit file.
  3. Submit a request for incorrect details to be removed. If you have followed up on unfamiliar enquiries and still feel that authorisation was not properly given, you can submit a request to the credit reporting body to have it removed. Make sure your request is to the credit reporting body that provided you with your credit file, as details may vary between them. For example, if you got your credit file from Equifax, you would submit a request to Equifax to have incorrect listings removed.
  4. Wait for an outcome. The credit reporting body will then review your request and the details, before providing you with an outcome. If you are unsuccessful, the listing will remain for the allocated time (eg five years from when an enquiry was made), and if you are successful it will be removed.