Who hates OPTUS?


I really hate OPTUS and cant wait for my contract to end. Never again will I take another product from OPTUS. Anybody feel the same?

Re: Who hates OPTUS?


Mostly NBN users feel this way. The mobile users are usually quite happy, unless there are specific coverage problems.


Re: Who hates OPTUS?


Hey @aceter - really disappointing to read your comment. What's lead you to feel this way? Happy to see if we can turn this around. 

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Re: Who hates OPTUS?


Me.  I hate their support, lack of customer care, impossible to use phone support and especially their internet.


I have top of the line cable to the home internet and it just doesn't work duirng peak times.  I am so sick and tired of it.  It's just been getting worse and worse for years and is a waste of time and money.


I'm not on the NBN yet, so cable to the home shouldn't be deteriorating the way it is but their answer is alway "peak congestion".  So, Optus, buy more bandwidth and give your customers what we pay for.

Re: Who hates OPTUS?


Agree wholeheartedly. Disgusting level of support, useless information about plans that are expensive and call centre have no idea.

Re: Who hates OPTUS?


Disagree. I moved to Telstra fro NBN and am very surprised as to how much better the support is compared to Optus. I have my mobile plan with Optus and support can’t tell me how the international roaming I have included in my plan actually works and if it includes the shared data sim in iPad. After wasting hours of time messaging the chat bots, I get responses that include “should get” “probably will”... I bet they don’t have any doubts when it comes to billing what should have been but in fact wasn’t!

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