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What's included in the $125 start-up fee for Cable Broadband?


Hi all,



I would just like to know if the $125 start-up fee included removal of the existing coaxial cable (last used 2 decades ago for Optus Vision) and installation of a newer type coaxial cable suitable for data connections. Oxidation is also very likely for the existing coaxial cable.



The property still has the small white box with cables running in the house and towards the power lines via this small box, but no longer the other bigger white box it once connected to.


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Jan D


Re: What's included in the $125 start-up fee for Cable Broadband?


Hello Jan_D, welcome to the Optus Community Forums!


The $125 start-up fee applies to new customers or customers on a new service. This fee covers your connection establishment, technician assistance and all the technical stuff - including a replacement coax cable.


Once a technician is sent out to your property, he will set you up for your new Cable service and I'm sure he'd replace your coax cable, especially if it's over 2 decades old.


Feel free to PM for further assistance at any time, and don't forget to provide a "Kudos" if I've helped you in anyway.

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