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After spending time to sort out my problem with a new password the operator said it was fine & no more hassles try to access my webmail. WRONG  5 minutes later it wasn't working. I could access my account but NOT my emails. I am trying to get the TIME to again attempt to right the problem. Also nowadays trying to connect with help is awful. A few years ago I used to boast that I could ring Optus & get fast results. Now the best way is to use my app. on my mobile which by the way has had the emails blocked because of the problem. I ended up contacting all of my important billers & directing them to another email site. Has anybody here had the same problems????

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The use of bold was pretty unnecessary tbh.


If you've asked them to reset your "my account" password, then that's what they've done. You can reset your email password yourself if you know your primary username/password to your OptusZoo account.


If you don't know the primary password (or this is the one you're having trouble with), please call Optus on 133937 and speak to technical support. They can text you a temporary password to get you going again, say its for your primary Optusnet email account not your "My Optus" account.

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Re: Webmail password


I ended up seeking help from our local Optus shop. I informed the nice young fellow about all of the problems & I sat with him while he conversed with operators on & off for about an hour & a half. He had the same difficulties as I had experienced. After much ado he worked out a way to solve the problem. I gave him lots of Kudos for his effort. He advised me to leave the Optus email & use the google email system gmail. He said that Optus concentrate on their telephony systems & their email area comes in last on their priorities.

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