I am just about ready to throw this internet servce out the window.  I have a 30mb service and for over a month its been no better than 5mb.  Right now 1mb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I paid a fraction of what I am now for a faster ADSL 2+ service with my last ISP.  Everytime a call support its the same service issue in your area excuse and never a solution just excuse after excuse.  Pathetic.  FIX IT!



get optus to cancel your contract without penalty and switch to another provider

if they refuse take it to the TIO


im in the same situation, but on our street we dont have any alternative.either optus cable or adsl

if the nbn was here i would switch from optus in a heart beat. i am really suprised the accc or fair trading doesnt come down on isp's for selling a product which is clearly false advertising.

optus has to be one of the worst...there are others...but yeah



Exactly the same with me - in Brisbane. I can't even watch the lowest quality streaming on Youtube anymore.  They mis-sold the cable product as being NBN fast and able to stream things like Netflix etc.  Now even their own Fetch service is failing to work for me, with buffering and poor resolution. I cannot watch the ESPN channel they provide - I can't see the soccer ball.  So I'm sure EPL won't be watchable either.


Optus blame the congestion they are creating. The business model seems to be:

a) sign up 1000 people on infrastructure that supports 100 people

b) tell the 50% of people who wait on the phone for hours (only to be told... well... nothing...) that they can put up with it or switch providers.

c) keep 750 subscribers who've been beaten into submission on the massively oversubscribed network, paying for 30/100mbps but getting about 4.


I am collecting evidence of the slow speeds. All Optus users should do the same. With enough evidence sent to the ACCC and/or a firm willing to conduct the class action, Optus may be forced to comply with consumer law.  However, the pathetic fine that was handed out when Optus lied about speed to oversell its cable network has not done anything to deter them from failing to deliver on promises. The best protest would be for everyone to cancel their payments and wait til Optus switches off your service before switching. Then let Optus battle thousands of counterclaims for failure to provide the service as promised. Cashflow is the only thing Optus respond to anymore.



Hi JT81,


Excellent point regarding ACCC. Just make sure you're clear that you want them to investigate alleged false and/or misleading claims made by Optus and not your individual dispute. Obviously we can't tell the ACCC what to do but we can report it and you never know, it just might help them consider investigating the matter.


I share your sentiments, it's a shame that with some companies, consumer s have to become angry before they actually start paying attention. If only they listened at the first instance.


I wonder if someone from Optus can explain what their "yes" slogan actually means?


That's a serious question.




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