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WOW! How hard is it to Upgrade with OPTUS?

Hi All!


I have just spent most of the afternoon trying to get what I thought was a simple answer to some simple questions from a "Chat Session" involving 3 Optus Reps!


1. I had my intention quite clear, knowing I could be conversing with some one that doesn't speak fluent English.

Slowly but surely we made our way through the conversation which ultimately led to me and the Optus Rep confused as to what I exactly wanted and after I was transfered to Optus Rep 2.


2. After ending the Chat Session with Optus Rep No 2 and being some-what confused about how I was going to approach this the second time, I hesitantly began another Chat Session a few minutes later with another Optus Rep No3.


3. Well, to my surprise things where going fine until I asked the question QUOTE: "will I incurre a fee - If so could you tell me how much for each one please."UNQUOTE.


4. After approximately 10 minutes, with the occasional "Thanks for waiting - Prompts" the chat session ended abruptly and Short Survey Box appeared straight after  - and yes, I did put what I thought in the Boxes provided :(.


5. Thinking that this cannot be the "end all" of the Service that Optus has to offer and after 12 or more years of patronage and loyalty on my behalf  as an Optus Customer, I have decided to try and seek the help I need through this Portal and I begin with my first question:


(From Previous Chat Sessions)

1. I would like to cancel my Fetch TV service - we no longer need or use it, before doing so - will there be any fee attached? I am not sure when my contract ends.

2. I would like to change my existing NBN Plan from $120mth to the $65mth NBN + Home "Pay as you Go" (pertaining to a previous discussion a few days ago with optus rep) again will I incurre a Fee?

3. I would also like to Upgrade/Lease 3 x Samsung S9+ mobile phones from my existing S7s.


Could you explain how to do this and again, will I incurre an exit fee?


If so could you tell me how much for each one please.


I don't usually ask for assistance! But when I do, One would hope that it was in a professional manner and accurate.


It would be very appreciative if someone would like to assist me in resolving my issue.


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Re: WOW! How hard is it to Upgrade with OPTUS?

They speak english very well, but I'm convinced that they are dealing with 5 people simultaneously, which means they can't remember what your last question was. Then the chat also drops out if nobody says anything for 3 minutes.


Can this be done at a shoppe?


BTW, incur has less letters in it.

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