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I recently signed up with Optus to have mobile broadband on 4G, with this package came two Yealink IP DECT handsets.

Upon signing up I was warned that a technician will have to come to my loation and set up the IP hansets, before the numbers are ported from my current supplier. Since then Optus had also confirmed that they will be soon coming to do this, (without my prompting).

Still this has not happened, numerous calls and/or chat sessions have shown me that none of the help line staff can understand that i am trying to connect handsets to the wireless and one even stated that it is not possible to do this.

I has been very well desribed to me that it is possible and one would assume that I was sold this hardware this with the package for this specific purpose.

Why then is it so difficult to contact anyone at Optus to arrange a call-out as the promised earlier so that these phone can be set up.

Besides the useless support line, what are my options


Re: Voip on 4G wireless


If I use Telstra or Vodafone there are no issues, however, Optus blocks the SIP port (5060) but they won't admit it. Over the last few months, this question appears every few days on various forums and support tickets. 


The simple solution is to ask your VSP (Voice Service Provider) to see if they can give you another port to connect to. If you're running your own PBX server, you should be able to change the port. It's annoying as NBN requires you to move over your landline to VOIP technology and it's a shame that Optus is blocking the SIP port (5060).



Re: Voip on 4G wireless


Hi @DND, sounds like you're referring to Optus Loop. You can contact our Loop support team on 1300 617 648 or via email My apologies you've had so much trouble trying to get a hand 

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