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New Contributor

Voice Mail not working

About a month ago, I had an intermittent problem with the landline. Sometimes it wouldn't receive calls (i.e. the line was dead) and sometimes I couldn't dial out. An Optus technician came and fixed those problems, but now I have another problem. If I'm out and I try to call the home land line, the phone just rings and rings and rings; it doesn't switch to Voice Mail so that I can leave a message. In addition, I used to dial *96 to access the Voice Mail menu, but this too is no longer working. A recorded message asks me to enter the number I am calling from followed by #, but when I do this, I am told that I am dialling an invalid number.

My home phone is a Uniden XDECT8055, and the owners manual says my service provider (Optus) should give me an access code to set up Voice Mail. OPTUS, it's time to live up to your "Yes" advertising. Please provide the access code.

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