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Hi all/Optus.


On 25th of March 2018 i have purchased online a modem for home wireless broadband. I did that on Optus website and i paid $199 using my credit card. My money has been transfered to Optus account and a notice has been shown on the page that i will receive a confirmation email for my purchase. Also there was an order number to use for tracking the order. After that no email has been sent to me, the tracking number was invalid and i have not got anything untill now. I called Optus for more than 10 times to ask for cancelation and a refund as my order has not been delivered to me, each time i was kept on hold for hours and my call transfered to few persons but the only answer i have got: WE CAN NOT LOCATE YOUR ORDER AND WE CAN NOT HELP YOU TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK.


I wasted too many hours trying to talk to Optus to solve my problem, but i did not find any serious try from anyone in Optus to help me and after 15 days my problem has not been solved and my money looks to be lost. Who's responsible?

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If you purchased on a credit card then just contact your bank. Lodge a complaint with them that the goods you paid for have not arrived. The bank will immeadiately reverse the charge and ask Optus to explain. It will then be on Optus to explain to the bank what is going on.




Peter Gillepsie

Re: Vivid home wireless broadband


It may have been signed up on the Optus Website but that actually takes you through to the Vividwireless website (Optus owns them).


They have seperate billing systems to Optus


Have you called Vividwireless directly?


If you had called Optus they may be looking for the Home Wireless Broadband account - which you do not have - you appled for the Vividwireless product.

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