Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


Hi, just clarifying that I'm not collecting records for this one has it is a known issue.

Please see page 1 of this thread and contact Optus to be added to the fault ticket as the team will be in touch with all customers on this ticket to discuss further.

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Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


Hi @Ray_YC  Ive lodged my complaint.

Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


 I have spent numerous calls to Optus who keep telling me that my modem must be in the wrong position. When I assure tham that is it in the same place where is has always been and that it used to work (before I was transferred to Optus) they have no answers. The last time I tried they said that they chould send out a technician but it will cost me. 

Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


Hi all,

After in excess of 17 calls, online message communications etc Optus has basically advised that they will not be resolving these issues for vivid customers- The best they can offer you is a 200/500gb plan.

I have been told to find a new provider and Optus can not assist me. 

It has taken a month for them to advise this (after we were all advised the change would be seamless etc... I even got told at one point mice had chewed he Optus lines that’s why we are not receiving internet)

While hugely inconvenient its best to just get onto finding a new telco as we are all fighting a losing battle with this transfer... 

Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


i got same issue as well, Optus can't help at all, ask me to reset modem, take out sim card etc. issue still there. 

their support tech said call me at 7pm, but never get called from them. call support again, still do same process reset, checking sim. really have no idea what Optus can do for customer, or what they can do is "providing bad service".



Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


Hi, Optus have a Service Guarantee, ring them and ask them to waive your bill,because you shouldn’t be paying for a service you aren’t receiving.  I’ve had the last three waived. Apparently they can’t do the same speed as the old vivid wireless this is why its slow and drops out. I got all my answers by phoning. Just depends who you talk to Hope this helps.

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