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What a fiasco. After spending over half a day on the phone & visiting Optus shop & pleading on the phone again to have my temporary Mobile Sim activated so I could have decent speed, I had a proper device from last Friday lunchtime to early Mon a.m. when it collapsed again to the appalling post migration speed.

Tech support is not fit for purpose: just tells you what you already know & promises a call back within so many hours, which turns out to be untrue.

Optus has known about the problems with migration for a month or so: why continue migrating customers if a proper service can't be provided?

Re: Vividwireless migration


I found the thread that has the info on this.

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Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


Location: St Kilda East, Melbourne.


This is my experience so far.


Migrated. Immediately noticed that latency increased from 300 ms to 2300+ ms. This makes the service effectively impossible to use. Not wonderful given there is no NBN in my area and my rented flat doesn't have a phone jack (!), so I'm forced to use fixed wireless. t's not cheap either: ~$90/mo.


Called a fortnight ago and was told it was a known fault. Received an SMS about 10 days later and was told problem was fixed. Was advised to respond with HELP ME if there was a problem and they would call me. Responded as such and wasn't exactly gobsmacked that I never heard back.


Called again, 3 days ago, the nice Philipino customer service person said it had been escalated and that it should be fixed soon. Three days later and the latency is just as ridiculous.


Optus clearly doesn't care, is technically incapable, or wants to frustrate people so much they switch. It's really remarkable that a vital service like this is so poorly managed in modern day Australia. But there's no point in complaining really. All the companies are as bad as eachother, the result of lack of regulation and a management culture which tolerates/rewards incompetence and straight out grifting (e.g. the banks). 


Very annoying to know I can't do my studies or watch the footy streaming service I pay for at home. Adds a lot to my travel time, out of pocket expenses and general level of frustration. And there's not a damn thing I can do about it. 


Thanks a lot Optus. 


Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


I complained (strongly) and received 2 months rebate- rather than have another discussion with me they paid out. 

My speed is currently 0.3 mbps (needs to be at least 6-10 mbps) so useless so if it doesn’t improve in the next few days better to cancel and start with someone else 

Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


Thanks for the tip. Which number did you call? This company makes it just about impossible to contact them. I'll do as you did. Hopefully this will cover the cost of the modem that I have to buy to use another company's service. 

Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds Update


After 4 weeks and a TIO complaint, my ex Vividwireless WHS service has been restored. I still get occasional signal drop-outs but the service is currently around 8/1.5 Mbps and has been 12/2 Mbps at times. And I have received compensation for the 4 weeks with no service.


Optus called on Monday (13/05) and today to confirm that it was working OK. The explanation was that it was a tower fault. So, well done Optus for finally sorting this out. Not so well done for your lack of updates and broken promises of callbacks. I was championing for your customer service until this incident. No more.


Wireless home broadband is currently the best service I can get. I am still trying to figure out why I can't get ADSL2+ to work–although I have been told not to expect fast speeds in my suburb in Melbourne.



Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds Update


This is my experience, I get 12/1 speeds. but as soon as another device uses the internet. it will make the other device have 0 throughput.


It's like this new fair use policy is restricting more than one device on peak times - mostly weekends.


It's not like the other device is using all of the internet. as I would still be able to sync a 1KB file or use speed test.


as soon as I disable wifi on my mobile. I can use my computer. instantly - I also get 12/1 instantly again. 


This happens usually in peak times. I have never had this issue with vivid wireless, if anyone else can check, their service might be down as they have two devices connected.


They clearly have migrated people but do not have enough spots on the towers. they must have sold Vivid Wireless reserved spots. and just put a limit so if in peak times. limit 1 device per plan/Ip Address. This is really concerning - I have done tests multiple times. every single time - to fix the issue - turn off wifi on my phone.



Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


Having the same issues , not happy as I have had no problem at all until the change over 😡


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Spoke to optus today ( third phone call since saturday plus store visit to replace sim card)

Was basically advised in a round about way that we can all either switch over the the optus 200-500gb plan per month or expect this to be a continued issue that wont be resolved.


Re: Vivid Wireless to Optus slow speeds


Yes, how sneaky and gutless is that. They've waived my bills for the past two months and obviously feel that the best strategy is to annoy their "customers" so much with their lying that they'll quit and go away. 


Just joined Exetel. Half the price, but uses Optus and only gives me 250GB. Let's see how that goes.


If Optus had just said directly, "Hey you guys, you had a really sweet deal with Vivid but we can't chisel enough profit out of that, so either switch or bugger awf", I would have been fine with that. But this wormy strategy of shaping you if there is more than device connected and telling you multiple times that it is fixed when it is not is just so depressing.     

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